Reply To: Japanese Attitude Towards The Disabled

  • Ivan

    January 15, 2019 at 10:39 pm

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I agree. I’m also against blanket statements that are meant to be definitive. I wasn’t trying to make such statements in the first pace. Diversity exists anywhere, but somehow there is always an generalized, superficial image that represents each country. That image is never a 100% correct but there’s some truth in it. I’ve always though that Japan is an extremely polite country because that is what I keep hearing, and which is why I found it hard to believe otherwise when i read those articles.

    There’s a huge difference between “all people in Japan are Samurai” and “Japan is a samurai Culture”. Of course They are not all Samurai, but they are influenced by the traits that make up a samurai culture. Such traits could represent a physical side like strength, health, combat… Or a more intellectual side like peace of mind, discipline, respect… All of these traits combined, make up the culture that Japan is today. So what I think Yoriko was referring to, is the physical strength and dexterity that the samurai are most known to, traits that those with “physical” disabilities lack, which is why she also stated that Japanese people don’t know how to help a weaker person.

    Objectively speaking, with my disability aside, it’s fascinating to me how the Japanese culture is evolving, disabled friendly or not. But spilling some feelings into it, I feel that the Japanese people are one of the top respectable and polite people as a whole. But I guess to be sure I’ll have to visit and see for myself.

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