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  • debsydubs39

    January 17, 2019 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Kat

    i just posted my story on the forum

    i only got back on Monday this week

    Definitely book a wheelchair, I had 1 delivered to the hotel and my son met with the man.  If you need the contact information let me know.  My son lives in Tokyo and he may be able to write the email to organise delivery to your hotel. The man just needs cash on the day.

    I have multiple sclerosis and can’t walk long distances and struggle with steps.  Basically, the information counter at every station is a blessing.  My son relayed information pretty much all the time.  There was once, I said the name of the station and the man held up 4 fingers for platform 4

    My struggle was with the connecting flight from Sydney to Melbourne

    I would have to agree about the rail pass.  Full on in the 7 days and what if your Mum needs a rest, just a thought.  I rested on 2 separate days and then my son had to go back to work so this was a struggle.

    I ended up getting the free shuttle bus from the hotel to a wonderful shopping centre called Isetan and spent hours there, I looked at every floor.

    I’ve now been to Japan 3 times and this time was much better as I could see the changes

    Just buy a plastic card – Suica and the app can be downloaded to your iPhone and linked to Apple Pay for topping up.  Before I left I put $100.00 or yen equivalent on the card

    The other thing my son organised was a data sim from Yodabashi (Akihabara) you can’t miss this shop.  He took out my sim, kept it for me, put the new 1 in, unlimited wifi for 30 days. I could text him all the time and obviously google maps and information, strongly suggest.  Roaming is way too expensive.

    Hopefully this information assists



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