Reply To: staying in hotels with infants

  • astrogrrl

    February 6, 2019 at 1:18 am

    We are still having quite a bit of trouble getting accommodation. The travel agent is now working with a different company to try and find something.  It looks like they have found some places but I am worried that these places may not have the facilities I need as it seems Japanese hotels have a slightly different definition of accessible than here in Australia.  We have already had to cancel one lot of accommodation in Kyoto after discovering that their idea of accessible was if a tiny and narrow old empty manual wheelchair could get in the room.

    This is what the new bookers have so far:

    09MARCH – 13MARCH – Keio Plaza Tokyo – x1 Universal Room & x1 Double Room
    13MARCH – 14MARCH – Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel – x1 Universal Twin Room & x1 Double Room
    14MARCH – 17MARCH – Best Western Hotel Takayama – x1 Universal Twin Room & x1 Deluxe Twin Room

    but these nights alone are almost $5000 Australian. We still need 5 nights in Kyoto and 2 more back in Tokyo (hopefully Akihabara) as well.

    Has anyone here had experience with these places?

    This whole trip has been a nightmare to organise. It is like a game of Chinese whispers with travel agent and the contacts they have.  It is a pity there is not a dedicated place that can find the best disabled accommodation to meet needs.  I am now worried I will get there and things will not be suitable.


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