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    February 6, 2019 at 9:56 am

    Hi Wendy,

    Sorry to hear you are not having a good time with your travel agent.

    You are very correct, there are very few standards here and more often than not the interpretation of “accessible” is left to the hotel owner.  The only real law that I am aware of is that for any hotel with more than 50 rooms must have 1 accessible room… that is it.  From my contacts in the government, I am under the impression that standardization regulations are being worked on.  But that won’t be in time for your visit.

    This is something I always bring up when at a speaking events, and will do so again next week (on a panel discussion with members from the tourism industry).

    While I have no experience in staying at those hotels, I know that Keio has recently renovated.  Here is the website:

    To help the best I can, we have a database of hotels on our website.  Unfortunately, since it is just me, most of the data is stuff from the web.  (Though, often the Japanese side of hotel websites has more info so I use that.)  I hope it helps, even a little.



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