Reply To: JR Rail Pass and Reserved Seating

  • Accessible Japan

    February 28, 2019 at 12:25 pm


    The 7 day pass may be best.

    To get to Hakone, you do not use JR train lines.  Also, in Tokyo, the subway and private lines are often more convenient than JR lines – and not covered by JR Pass.  The pass makes sense for travel between cities and would pay for itself on your Kyoto/Hiroshima trip.  But you can only use it while valid, so you need to make sure your plans for that trip finishi within 7 days if you get the 7 day pass.

    Yes, you need to book the shinkansen’s wheelchair seat and it is recommended you do so a few days before your trip.  Go to a Midori no Madoguchi (Green Ticket Window) at a major JR station to book your ticket.  Booking can take up to 1hr for a wheelchair seat.

    Hope that helps.

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