Reply To: Wheelchair accommodation for 6 months

  • adapttoperform

    March 9, 2019 at 5:31 am

    First of all thank you very much for your replies!

    I’ll explain my trip a little further:

    I’m coming for 2 main reasons:

    The olympics/paralympics. I interview disabled athletes for my podcast/youtube channel so looking to take advantage of them being in one location.

    And soaking in the culture, I’ve been into Japanese culture my entire life mainly with cars and food and I feel a short holiday will not do it justice!

    As for traveling length of time it depends on my benefits I receive in the UK and how long I can stay in japan for (looking into both currently) I read this information saying UK citizens can stay for up to 6 months but maybe that’s incorrect.

    If not my back-up plan was to do 2 trips for 90 days each with a small break in-between.


    As for accommodation needs. All I require is a private room for 2, being able to get in and out of place and be able to have enough room to maneuver my chair around (manual wheelchair)  I can deal with a small step but not multiple. Ideally somewhere to cook but totally fine with this being communal. As for Location, not that fussed as long as there is access to public transport fairly close and not on a hill! I use an front e-wheel for longer distances.


    Thank-you for you time



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