Reply To: We have arrived in Japan!

  • Joan Pahisa

    March 10, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    Hi! I’m glad that you made it to Japan, despite the rough travel experience. Even though there are some things that can be improved, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy Japan and love it there : )

    As for recommendations, don’t miss Takayama Jinya in Takayama. Even though it doesn’t seem wheelchair accessible from the outside, you need to ask and they’ll deploy a ramp so that you can access the building. Inside it’s really nice, with tatami floor, sliding doors and nice gardens. One of the only traditional buildings in Japan that you can enter with your own wheelchair. The Jinya used to be a local government office during the Edo period.

    As for Tokyo, you may like to visit the main, I think, pokémon store in Japan. It’s in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine building on the 2nd floor. The store is mostly full of pokémon teddies. It’s wheelchair accessible, although the building is really big and the elevators are quite difficult to navigate in order to reach the store depending on the entrance that you get in from (I’m sorry I can’t remember the one that’s nearby). From the top of the building, there’s also a nice view of Tokyo, although going up was quite expensive. I had sushi at a wheelchair accessible restaurant from the second to last floor instead. It was the first restaurant with a ramp that I could find.

    As for the bidet, I’m sorry that I can’t help.

    Anyway, enjoy your stay!

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