Reply To: How do you survive the long flight to Japan if you're paralyzed?

  • maria

    January 25, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Hi! Well, I’m afraid I cannot help a lot. Unfortunately, there are no many things (at least that I know) you can do during a long flight. You just have to endure it. Things like cushions that Josh mentioned, can help you a little, but I cannot think of something else :/ You can lean the back of your seat a little bit, and sometimes the plane seats have footrests. However, as I neither am paralyzed, I don’t know what your needs are, and thus I cannot help a lot. Either way, I would recommend, if that would be possible, to try a shorter flight as your first plane-trip, so that you could have an idea of how things are when you are in a plane, without pushing yourself too much.

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