Reply To: Going to a concert in Osaka

  • Accessible Japan

    January 29, 2018 at 12:40 pm


    Thanks for getting in touch!

    Starting with the easy part first, your personal assistant will also need a ticket.

    I don’t know about Japan Concert Tickets, but the general procedure is:

    • Contact the concert producer (not the venue) and ask which section the accessible seating is located in  (ie A section or S section etc) – there is usually only one area, so you don’t really get to chose
    • Buy tickets in the correct section online, etc
    • Contact the concert producer again and tell them your name and that you have bought a seat in the section you were told to, and that you will be going with a personal assistant
    • On the day of the concert, go a bit early, tell a staff member your name and that you already contacted the company.  They will guide you to the accessible seating

    If you cannot find the name of the concert producer, you can try contacting the venue and they can tell you who to contact.

    Hope that helps!

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