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    April 25, 2019 at 10:26 am


    First of all, I think that @melanie_lmt should be in on this discussion as she wrote a few blogs on this.

    The biggest issue in Okinawa is getting around as there are no trains (aside from the Naha monorail).  The inter-city buses are not wheelchair accessible.  I have gone a few times, so you will need to either rent an accessible vehicle (which may be hard) or use taxis.  I can introduce you to a taxi company if needed.

    Ishigaki is really nice as well, and the buses are wheelchair accessible (according to a website, not personal experiences).  If you decide on Ishigaki, I can introduce you to a company that does tours and just started an accessible tour there.

    The water buffalo rides on the nearby Taketomi island are accessible too!

    Also, we started a forum on the Accessible Japan website as well, so you may want to post there as well:

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