Reply To: Mobility Scooter – battery charging

  • Joan Pahisa

    May 10, 2019 at 2:48 am

    Deat Ali,

    It depends on the transformer. Usually scooter chargers, as laptop chargers, have a transformer that adapts the voltage to the charging needs of the device. For example, I’ve got a mobility device that accepts inputs between 84V and 230V. Japan is 100-110V, so I had no problem. This information is written on the transformer (the usually black rectangle box that’s part of the charger, as in laptops).

    If the transformer only allows in the range of 220-230V it will charge extremely slow or it may not even charge.

    Aside from that, there may be other issues with mobility scooters in Japan and using public transportation depending on the model. I cannot help you with this, but I’m sure that other members will.

    I hope that your customer has a great trip to Japan!

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