Reply To: Mobility Scooter – battery charging

  • gbgb

    May 10, 2019 at 11:49 am

    Hi Ali:

    I agree with Joan that the charger MUST say that it will work with 100 volts. If it is an UK only model , ie it is 230 ( or 240 volts) volts it will not charge your batteries in Japan. If it is an international model it will likely work.

    See if you can post a picture of the charger information plate in the forum. We can tell for sure.

    You will also need a mechanical converter for your plug  or a different line cord, of course. Japan uses a small (compared to the UK!) two prong non polarized plug.

    There is potentially a further problem. Many airlines will give you a problem with deep cycle batteries. They may require gell batteries. These are batteries where the liquid electrolyte is a gelled electrolyte that will not spill if the battery is broken open. Some airlines will accept liquid electrolyte but will remove the batteries and double bag them.


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