Reply To: Problems with customs in Narita?

  • Accessible Japan

    June 12, 2019 at 8:14 pm

    I chatted with someone who recently came to Japan and she said:

    Unfortunately, it is true that adderall is very strictly prohibited in Japan (among several other drugs). My friend that takes adderall has just chosen not to take the medication while she is here. However, I’m not really sure if there is another alternative to taking adderall for treatment of ADHD which is the issue. It is possible she could speak to a doctor when she lands in Japan?

    As for other non-illegal prescription medicines, as long as it is under a 1 month supply, you can bring it in without a problem (but make sure it does not have a banned ingredient).

    If you need more than a 1 month supply (which I don’t think is the case here), you would apply for the “Yakkan Shoumei” (an import certificate) and the detailed instructions and forms to fill out are located on this pdf:

    Hope this helps

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