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  • dannidandan

    June 15, 2019 at 8:52 am

    Hi pumpkin90,

    Thank you have passed on the birthday wishes 🙂

    So we went to guest services outside the main entrance before going through the ticket barrier and they weren’t much help. Through iPad translation I think the lady indicated that an overseas handicap/disability card or book with name and photo ID would suffice which we didn’t have on us. Danielle has a UK blue badge with photo ID to allow us to park more easily but we left that at home, I’m not sure if that would have been accepted or not.  As far as I’m aware the UK don’t issue a disabled persons ID photo card.

    The lady advised us to talk to the attendants at each ride to negotiate entry. Once we entered the park and had our wheelchair we headed to Jurassic Park and fortunately the attendant issued us with a guest pass! I assume the wheel chair helped and crutches attached to the back. They had a card with a flow diagram saying yes or no to having a handicap book. If no then you wait in lines of yes they issue a guest pass. At this point we presented Danielle’s Doctors letter hospital letter describing her condition plus the Japanese narcotics/medication import/export licence listing her medication with a Japanese office seal and told them that guest services told us to come to the ride to negotiate and obtain a guest pass. Again all done through iPad translation.

    I’m not sure if we just got lucky or if that’s an approach that would help for others. If you’re from a country with disabled photo ID cards/books then I assume you maybe ok.

    We didn’t go back for the second day as Danielle didn’t want to go through it all again (they only issued a one day guest pass).  She felt humiliated and discriminated enough already to want to go through another session of having to plead for a pass!  Instead we went into Osaka and spent her money in Disney stores 🙂 Disney in Tokyo was a much better experience than USJ from a disability point of view not just because they had batter assisted wheel chairs that made it easier for me to push 🙂 Although to be fair to the staff

    in the park on the rides they were all brilliant and plenty of elevators up to the rides not on the ground.  At both Disney and USJ they took about 10 minutes of the queue time and went through the check list each time plus on a few of the rides asked Danielle to sit in the ride seat they had by the entrance of the ride to show she could sit in it comfortably and secure.

    happy to answer any other questions you may have, tried to cover off as many points above as I could that may be relevant, especially if you’ve not been before.


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