Reply To: Getting between islands in Hawaii in a wheelchair

  • bruceofmaui

    October 22, 2020 at 11:01 am

    Inter-island travel is by plane and is run like a bus system with flights being run almost every hour. The planes flown by Hawaiian Airways are 737s so smaller than the big jets making power wheelchairs need to be tipped to get into the belly of the planes. Most flights hub through Oahu so if you want to go from Maui to the Big Island you’d hub through Oahu. This is the case except for the first and last flights of the day where you can fly directly to and from the Big Island and Maui. I think Kauai only connects with Oahu. With Covid downsizing many airlines you’d better check yourself things might have changed. Staff helping with transfers are friendly but might not be too trained in assisting the disabled so you must take control and coach them in how to help you. Aloha Bruce

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