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San Diego, CA

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Access Trax is a woman-owned company that empowers people using mobility devices to safely and easily access outdoor areas and recreation using our innovative modular pathway solutions. The Access Trax portable pathway provides a quick and easy solution for moving over sand, grass, gravel, mud, and even snow. The result is accessibility and inclusion for all.

Each Access Trax mat is a 0.91 x 0.91 meter square only weighting 2.35 kg! You can connect the mats in any configuration using the removable hinges. Plus, check the mats as luggage on an airplane for your vacation! Access Trax is made in the USA and available for sale and rent. Email Kelly for your free quote today at [email protected].



Access Trax Portable Wheelchair Accessible Mat


Access every beach, park and campground with the Access Trax wheelchair accessible floor mats! Each mat is a 36 x 36 inch square only weighing 5.2 lbs. Invented by occupational therapists and inspired by adaptive surfers, Access Trax removes barriers to the outdoors.

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