Personal Pronouns



Physical (muscle disease of unknown origin)

Mobility Device

mobility scooter or transport chair (depending on activity)

About me

Daniellevates is a play on the my name Danielle + elevates, because my content is all about elevating ideas about disability and rare disease!   I have had an extremely rare technically undiagnosed neuromuscular disease. Vlogs on YouTube feature my adventures in Boston & travels (including my favorites of Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise) and I always include accessibility reviews.

Short form content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok features educational or humorous content and are posted multiple times per week! After taking a trip to Walt Disney World (yes, proud Disney Adult here) where I utilized a mobility scooter for the first time, I realized that I could push the limits of my independence and enjoy traveling more. Depending on how strenuous the adventure is, sometimes I use a scooter and sometimes I don’t – I simply strive to make all content as genuine as possible and to be a positive advocate for the disability and rare disease community.   https://linktr.ee/daniellevates

Current Location

Boston, MA

Places Visited

Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise to Bahamas, San Diego, New England Area

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