• 2 weeks in Colombia Itinerary help

      Hello, I will be traveling in Colombia with my spouse and 2 young adult kids at the end of July. I would love to hear suggestions of people’s Colombia “highlights.” We are interested in spectacular scenery, possibly hiking/trekking, and local/village life. We have less interest in large cities, museums etc. We are happy to take public busses when possible, and would like to stay in special, charming but not necessarily fancy places. Thank you.

      • If you have just two weeks, you might want to consider flying between cities to save time. Buses can be helpful for backpacking trips. I recommend Avianca which is great for longer journeys. A tip: If you are keep on travelling in buses, make sure to buy tickets well in advance. There are lot of construction work going on on most of the main roads in the city.

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