• Hi, We’re thinking of Galapagos with Nat Geo next August, and I’m curious what types of trails/paths or “non-existant” trails are on the islands?
      I have some hip and foot problems and rough terrain can make me very unhappy the next day.
      I know I probably won’t hike the Lava fields, just wondering what everyone else has experienced


      • Might not be that easy…

        This site has filters you can try. It said 0 for wheelchair accessible and 0 for fully paved, but 2 partially paved paths…


        • Hi Starla,

          Had done Galapagos last year with my Dad.My Dad has accessibility issues so I was extremely worried about the terrain. Somebody on the forum suggested me to contact Voyagers Travel.I’m sending you the link.The best part was that they took care of everything and the owner Andre was a gem, he made sure all our preferences whether in terms of food or accessibility issues were taken care off.

          Voyagers Travel
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