Tabi Stamps

Tabi Point Stamp

We want everyone to know how much of a pro you are! So we started a new point program, Tabi Stamps.

Just like getting a stamp in your passport when you visit a country, you can earn Tabi Stamps by taking part in the TabiFolk community.

Get Tabi Stamps for:

  • Follow another user (1 TabiStamp / user)
  • Start a forum discussion (10 Tabi Stamps)
  • Reply to a forum discussion (5 Tabi Stamps)
  • Share information in a group (2 Tabi Stamps)
  • Write a blog post (15 Tabi Stamps)
  • Invite someone to join TabiFolk (10 Tabi Stamps, must use this invitation form)
  • Someone you invited joins TabiFolk from the invitation email link (25 Tabi Stamps)

Earn Ranks by gathering Tabi Stamps:

  • Wanderer (0-100 Tabi Stamps)
  • Traveler (101-500 Tabi Stamps)
  • Adventurer (501-2000 Tabi Stamps)
  • Explorer (2001-4000 Tabi Stamps)
  • Trailblazer (4001+ Tabi Stamps)

So go and show the community your globetrotting ways and earn some points!

Note: Tabi Stamps will be reversed if content is deleted by yourself or a moderator.

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