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    Posted by Vumbua Africa on November 9, 2021 at 5:28 am


    With The help of our partners, VUMBUA AFRICA can now offer an ACCESSIBLE Safari in Botswana.

    We can organise fully serviced and semi participation mobile tented camps with either shared ablutions or en-suite toilet and shower and a mess tent next to the kitchen; all set up in the heart of the wilderness!

    There are no limitations as camp can be set up wherever the adventure takes you. Our camps are also accessible to children, older people, and those with a range of disabilities.

    These safaris have been designed in such a way as to ensure maximum comfort and still provide a more adventurous African style product.

    In our camps, we set up large tents, built with a thick layer for insulation on the ground and a partition between the bedroom and private bathroom interior.

    In the bathroom, there is a mobile toilet and a hot bucket shower, and for those with mobility problems, chairs with a padded seat and folding armrests for easy transfer from wheelchair to shower or toilet.

    Between the beds, there is a small table with a light and rechargeable battery. At the entrance of the tent, there is a water container which is filled by our staff every morning and evening to wash your hands and face and clean your teeth.

    The camp is set up with a mess tent, which includes a dining table and buffet table, and a coffee station which is available all day.

    The meals are prepared by our brilliant bush chefs on the campfire and our menus include a variety of foods. Daily, our chefs prepare fresh bread and cakes for dessert and surprise birthday celebrations.

    These safaris are organised with a minimum of 2 vehicles: one vehicle for passengers and the local guide, and a backup vehicle for equipment, supplies and camp staff.

    The back-up vehicle goes ahead so that the camp and meals are ready before the clients arrive.

    Our vehicles are open on the sides, allowing you to easily spot the animals. They have an energy converter for charging cameras, batteries, electric wheelchairs and any other electrical devices (inverter converts 12V to 110V or 220V). The vehicles are also equipped with refrigerators to keep drinks/medication cool and a hydraulic lift to allow access to the vehicle, for those who use wheelchairs or have mobility problems.

    Our guides are chosen for their deep knowledge of the African bush and are dedicated to ensuring you enjoy your travel and safari experience.

    All safaris are conducted in English.

    For more detailed information contact Clare or Brenda at [email protected] or call us on +441202 287658 or +27838 671976.

    Alternatively, visit our website at

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  • Josh Grisdale

    November 9, 2021 at 12:34 pm

    This is incredible – amazing what you have done with the boat!

  • Vumbua Africa

    November 10, 2021 at 5:42 pm


  • Patty

    September 17, 2023 at 2:24 am

    As a wheelchair user myself I think this is awesome as I also love to go on safari😀. I’m lucky I can stand so get to travel in the Land Rover (usually next to the Ranger)

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