Trip to visit my sister and her family 2 hours north of Sydney Australia

  • Trip to visit my sister and her family 2 hours north of Sydney Australia

    Posted by Patty on September 12, 2023 at 9:53 pm

    I was VERY lucky to have gone to Australia from the 29th April to the 27th May where I spent 4 idyllic weeks with my 2 carers being entertained by my younger sister, her husband, their 2 daughters, their partners and one of my niece’s 3 children.

    We stayed in a perfect house for me as it was designed for a wheelchair user so everything was accessible, it was brilliant😀. I even got to go on a beach wheelchair (I had no idea they existed but when I WhatsApped a friend in the UK he said that they do have them). I started playing the piano again which I hadn’t done in over 40 years, one of the carers I took with me brought her ukulele and the other has a lovely voice so I thought we could have a mini concert on one of our last evenings there, this never happened as the carer who brought the ukulele didn’t even bother getting it out😔.

    Whenever we visited Sydney or any of the other trips that were that way we caught the train and I was understandably nervous as I hadn’t caught a train in London for over 10 years

    We went to the Sydney Opera House twice, once to see a ballet called Jewels and it had 3 acts, the 1st was called Emeralds so the dancers wore green, the 2nd Rubies, the dancers wore red and the final act was diamonds so of course they wore sparkling white. I’ve copied the website here We also saw a Verdi Requiem there with a full orchestra and a choir of 280 perfectly clear voices, just sublime 😄. Once again here is the website We went on the Hawkesbury Postal Boat where they deliver post to communities that have no road access to them, what was brilliant for me was (I’ve always been an inquisitive type) was to see who would come to the jetty to collect the post, it did vary so I was super excited😲.

    We had lots of excellent food 😋so all in all it was an excellent holiday. We ate at a famous seafood restaurant on the Sydney Harbour called Doyles on the Beach, the waiter was brilliant, introduced himself to the table and said he would be looking after us all night, it was a fabulous meal and of course the fish was exceptionally fresh, this is their website and although it wasn’t cheap the meal was WELL WORTH IT We also visited the Walkabout Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, this is their website, I even got to hold some of the animals which was thrilling, my great nephew wanted desperately to hold the animals but his Dad knew he wouldn’t harm them intentionally but was incredibly interested so therefore a bit over excitable.

    We visited the Blue Mountains and spent a night in a wonderful golf estate called Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains. My room was incredibly comfortable, my 2 carers bedrooms were just down the passage so they were there when I needed them😃. On the way back to our home called Nora Beach we stopped in a town called Katoomba where we did the most wonderful Street Art Walk as always I’ve copied the website here On our last night in Sydney we went to see the Lightscape Show which was awesome, once again I’ve copied the website here

    We flew via Singapore there and back and we just adored Singapore and the food was scrumptious😋. On the way there we stayed at the Orchard Hotel (my room wasn’t very good as I could get into my bathroom but I couldn’t get out😟, we did go down to reception on the first day and they said they only had 2 accessible rooms and the other one was being used). I made a formal complaint on the final day and they weren’t very helpful said they could give me a complimentary dinner which I didn’t think was compensation enough😟. We went to the Singapore Botanical Gardens and they were a delight to see, I’m guessing that in that climate you just put a seed or twig in the ground and it WILL grow, I’ve copied the website here for you to see We went to Gardens By The Bay which are 12 huge tree like structures that have been built, we were able to go across a walkway between 2 trees and it was magical We obviously didn’t stay at the Orchard Hotel on the way back but stayed at the lyf Funan, it was much better. We visited the top of the Marina Bay Hotel (yes the one with the infinity pool) for supper, of course the food was awesome 😋

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  • GetAboutAble

    September 13, 2023 at 8:40 am

    We’re very glad you enjoyed Australia in an accessible fashion!

  • tabita

    September 13, 2023 at 10:52 am

    Wow! I see you enjoyed both Australia and Singapore with your sister 😍

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