Reply To: Gender-free toilets in Canada

  • Marjorie

    September 7, 2021 at 12:23 am

    @babajan I got the email with your reply, but cannot find it on here.

    The Universal washrooms I speak of are a separate room, with a change table, hoyer and toilet and they’re big. These days, they are often also marked as gender-free to provide a space for anyone that cannot or cannot safely use a regular washroom with a ladies or men’s bathroom.

    I do understand that gender-free sometimes only means the space, and not the accessibility. This is slowly changing. Or, there are options of just gender-free and accessible gender-free.

    Even if someone is not LGBTQ, people seem to be hung up on gender. So, for example, if I’m helping my friend who is male, there are always questions about bathrooms, ladies or men’s. However, if you remove the gender, you remove the stigma.

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