Reply To: Accessible airport transportation options in Toronto

  • Marjorie

    May 3, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Hey Josh,

    You want an accessible route, I’ve taken them all.  The 52 that leaves Pearson and heads across Dixon then Lawrence all the way to Yonge, 24 hrs, every 15 to 25 mins. Lawrence west stn is accessible, but Lawrence is not.  The 191 goes to subway Kipling Stn, which us accessible.

    The UP is great and now cheaper than it was. Super Accessible abs stops in Weston (by my Church), on the Bloor line and finishes at Union.

    There are accessible taxi cabs that work for Pearson, like the limos.  There are only two and only one at night.  They don’t save them for people who have disabilities, so you have to wait in line.  I literally watched a family of three get in one, while I waited.  I pointed it out that I could only take that one and they could take any.  They were annoyed, the driver was annoyed, but my client and I were on our way home.   You can order an outside taxi, but it’s hard for them to find you and pick you up.

    You can also register for Wheeltrans as a visitor and they will pick you up too.  You have pre book.

    In Vancouver theres the Skytrain. That is very helpful and all their busses are accessible.  They also have specialized transit you can pre register for.

    NY isn’t great.  They have buses, but they’re usually packed.  Then again, I have so much love for the driver that yelled at people to get back in a Bronx accent and then told me to just start crushing legs, hahaha.  They have a lot of taxis though which is nice.  Only some of their subway stns are accessible.  But, you can get to the main spots and downtown Manhattan.  They have specialized transit too.

    Caribbean countries, you need to pre book your taxi. Often, they need to ship the taxi to the island you’re at.

    France is great and has accessible taxis.  All busses are accessible, but not all subways.

    Ottawa has a Express bus from the airport and train stn that is accessible.  All their busses are.  They have specialized transit.  It works well.

    Montreal has very few accessible subway stns.  All their busses are accessible, but often packed.  They have specialized transit and I like to use it when going more than walking distance.

    If you take specialized transit in your city, you can often sign up in the city you’re going to.

    That’s all I got.  Let me know if you want any other questions.


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