Reply To: Boston/San Antonio with Power Chair on Southwest

  • Unknown Member

    June 20, 2018 at 10:39 pm

    Southwest Airlines flies all 737 planes and they general fit your standard size power chairs. That being said if your friend is traveling with a chair that is oversized they may have to turn the chair on its side in order to get it through the cargo doors. If this is the case I would recommend removing any pieces that stick out from the chair or are meant to be removable as they are generally the first pieces to get damaged.

    Josh had a very good ideal above in regard to bubble wrapping the joystick as this is a small piece and runs the chair. This can get damaged if something else is pushed in the cargo bay against the chair.

    Something that Cory Lee suggest is to write up a “how to” for your chair and tape it to the chair. This paper would give your contact details and give the staff instructions on how to operate the chair. Cory Lee has on his blog the sheet he has written up for his chair. Might be good to reference his if your considering a similar instruction piece.

    Hope your friend has a successful flight!

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