Reply To: Boston/San Antonio with Power Chair on Southwest

  • sheri19a

    June 24, 2018 at 12:06 am

    Thank you Josh. I had seen that but it doesn’t really talk about details of their procedure, so I’d like to go prepared with how to proceed with what they tell me the day of. I really want to find a way not NOT remove the armrests…there is now simple way to remove cantilever armrests…they are bolted down at the back end. It would be hard to reattach at the same spot and then the controls would have to taken off witch then would have to take off the entire back casing to unplug them. It’s possible if I HAVE to but time consuming at the very least. If I can direct them on how to use seat recline and stablize the arm would be ideal and I will campaign for that.  But that still leaves me with the dilemma of stabalizing the arm.

    I’m sure once I figure this all out…The next trip will be sooo much less stressful. I do appreciate all suggestions and insight from everyone. Thank you.

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