Reply To: I am a mobility scooter user

  • Mark

    May 5, 2024 at 4:09 pm

    Hi Tara,

    Rest easy, in my opinion you’ll be fine. I’m in Tokyo as I write this and am navigating the rails relatively well. Of course there will be a learning curve the first few trips but Japan has got a pretty solid system going.

    I’m in a Permobil M3, it’s 38in long and I belive the GoGo is almost same length. Just work on your quick turns and driving skills to maneuver into, within and out of the subway car. Expect some cars to be full and the possibility of waiting for the next subway. Thus far, I haven’t had to wait because this society is quite respectful and will move aside.

    After buying the subway ticket you will go to the agent and request for a ramp. I showed them a picture to clarify and also used Google translate. From there the agent will direct you to wait on the side for another staff to escort you to the subway line and place ramp on floor to enter subway car safely. They will also ask for your final destination and there will be a staff at that point to assist with an exit ramp. If you have a connection then the same occurs.

    I can try to take pics to ease your mind. And can write more when I’m back home in 2 weeks.

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