Reply To: Japanese Attitude Towards The Disabled

  • Ivan

    January 15, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Hi Josh,

    That makes sense, we compare based on where we come from. I’m from Lebanon originally, and Lebanon is a third word country with an image that isn’t considered so pretty to the rest of the world. So when I went to live in the U.S for a year, I clearly saw a huge difference in terms of accessibility, quality of life, opportunities and so on. But to my surprise, I encountered countless U.S citizens that kept complaining about how unhappy they feel about certain things in the country, and most of them praised countries in Europe for getting such things right. But to me, in the U.S, everything felt right. I’m sure I’m going to feel the same way about Japan when I visit, because the difference between here and there would be huge, for the better of course. And I’m honored to be your friend, Josh. Thank you 🙂

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