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    Posted by Accessible Japan on October 6, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    From Maria on the Accessible Japan website:


    I was thinking to use the Keisei Skyliner from Narita to Ueno. Therefore, I would like to ask if it is wheelchair accessible, as I cannot find relevant information on their website.

    Hi Maria,

    Yes, the Skyliner is very similar to the Shinkansen and has an accessible area in the middle (5th) carriage.   There is also an accessible toilet.

    The deck between carriages is also very big, so wheelchair users can use that space if needed as well.

    Here is the description from the website (in Japanese, but you can get an idea):

    Also, this website shows the wheelchair space (the picture on the second row):

    Hope this helps!

    Ok, great! Thank you for the information.

    I wanted also to ask if at our arrival we should ask the airport’s station staff for help with the train boarding, or if there is not such need.


    If you tell the airport staff you want to use the Keisei Skyliner, they will likely help you get too the ticket gate.

    When you are at the ticket gate, ask the station staff and they will help you on the train.

    They are different companies, but both very helpful.

    Hope that helps!

    Ok! Thanks again!


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