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    From Maria on the Accessible Japan website:


    I would like to ask if anyone knows if  <span id=”eow-title” class=”watch-title” dir=”ltr” title=”TOKYO JOYPOLIS INFORMATION(ENGLISH)”>TOKYO JOYPOLIS is wheelchair accessible. In their website they say that you can ask for a “plan for physically challenged customers”, however they do not indicate if any of the attractions is “playable”by wheelchair users!</span>

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for you post!

    No one from AJ has been before, so we sent an email to Joypolis to ask for details!

    This page ( mentions that there are attractions that cannot be done in a wheelchair, but that is all.  The inside is flat and there is an accessible toilet and elevator.

    Thanks for your help and for the info ^_^

    Hi again Maria,

    OK, just got off the phone with Joypolis.

    The floor itself and and some attractions like “mysteries” and the toy catchers etc are accessible.  There is an elevator inside.  To get inside, though, you need to to go via a special route (which is what they were talking about on the website) since the main entrance uses an escalator.

    Unfortunately, none of the rides/action-based attractions are accessible to people in wheelchairs.  So, it may not be worth your time.

    Sorry to be the barer of bad news.

    Hi! Thank you for your help! It is a pity that it has not many things to do while on a wheelchair, even thought it could be worse! 😛

    Yes, too bad they didn’t think about it more!

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