Advice Pls! NZ Snow/Ski Holiday with CFS tween. Low energy, often in wheelchair

  • Advice Pls! NZ Snow/Ski Holiday with CFS tween. Low energy, often in wheelchair

    Posted by mammajen on August 23, 2019 at 6:31 pm


    Thanks for reading my post. I hope to get some advice on whereabouts in New Zealand it would be best to stay with my family for a low-key skiing/snow holiday. We are 2 x able-bodied adults, 1 x a-b 14 y.o. boy, and 1 x 11 y.o. girl with moderate CFS/ME.

    Three of us can adapt anywhere, but my daughter needs the following essentials: 

    ~ to stay on-snow, as travelling each day to the snowfields will take up all her energy, leaving none for play! 

    ~ accommodation/destination to be near an international airport, as she will already be worn out from the flight from Australia (within an hour, if possible) 

    ~ have snow right outside the accommodation to play in – just a small area or park where my daughter can simply sit, build a snowman, throw a few snowballs, maybe get dragged on a sled. She probably can’t ski, but as she’s never seen snow before, she wants to experience it to the fullest of her abilities! 

    ~ ski-lifts within walking distance for the rest of us, who will take turns skiing/snowboarding 

    ~ ski and clothing hire available 

    ~ all facitilites (including food) either on-site or very close-by, so my daughter doesn’t have to walk or travel anywhere once we are at the location. Having said that, we’re ordinary folk and don’t need a great variety of restaurants or shops. Happy just to be in the snow, and have something to eat when we’re hungry, and maybe a cosy cafe to sit in. 

    ~ sealed road or footpaths to push the wheelchair on 

    ~ needs to be a quieter place, not a party-town, as sleep disruption will incapacitate my girl 

    ~ ground or first-floor accommodation for easy accessibility 

    ~ wifi for gaming when she is resting 

    ~ cable tv also 

    ~ private bathroom (not shared) 

    Non-essential, but would be a nice bonus: 

    ~ ability to hire a sled or seated-ski (a ski with a seat for people who have difficulty standing up) 

    ~ kids/teens club 

    ~ games room

    Thanks in advance! 


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  • schroth-sensei

    August 24, 2019 at 10:00 am

    Hello Jenny,

    It is a bit difficult to find a place with all the necessary accommodations you mentioned, nevertheless I believe I have found something that may work.

    Cardrona Alpine Resort near Queenstown, New Zealand. Official Website:

    • It is approximately a 1-hour drive from Queenstown Airport
    • They have various lodging options, and state that they are a 1-min walk to the ski lifts (more info here:
    • Various equipment is available for rent (more info here:
    • Lodgings do have kitchens, and there are a few dining options in the adjacent main base building, so you don’t have to travel far to eat
    • Most of the resort facilities are connected and seem to have covered and/or indoor access that should be wheelchair accessible (see base area map here:
    • The location is away from town, however you may want to avoid booking the busy season
    • Accommodations may have multiple levels (it may be best to inquiry directly about lodging)
    • It says Wifi is available at the facilities, however I do not know if this includes lodging or public areas (it may be best to inquiry directly)
    • TV/video & SKY TV is available, I believe this is Satellite and may be limited
    • Private bathroom will depend on lodging selection


    Your non-essentials:


    I believe that covers everything. However, I highly recommend getting in contact with Cardrona directly (their e-mail is: [email protected]) to inquire about the finer details, especially busy season, facility, rooms, & ski accessibility. Also, I’d suggest booking as far out as possible, especially if you wish to book any Adaptive equipment.

    Anyway, I hope that helps,

    -Justin Schroth


  • mammajen

    August 26, 2019 at 11:51 am

    Wow, that sounds awesome, thank you so much for providing all that info and the links too!

    Cardrona is the only place I was aware of that was on-snow (apart from a few club facilities, not appropriate for us!) so I’m stoked to be on the right track.  I will contact them directly now.  Also going to see if there is anything that compares within Australia (we are in Queensland), but so far, it looks like it’s actually an easier journey from the Gold Coast to the NZ skifields.

    Many thanks again,


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