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  • weekender

    August 7, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    The Accor site tells you if the hotel has accessible rooms but I haven’t seen any of the hotels have a specific option to book an accessible room though the Novotel I stayed in Berlin listed one of their type of rooms as being particularly suited for people with reduced mobility. They also say that 37 of their rooms are accessible. This is the one that I wrote about on my Germany blogs.

    I have only used Accor for three bookings so far, for the two that had a long lead time I just booked a room and put in the notes I needed an accessible one and in Berlin it was super accessible, in Venice I haven’t yet travelled…

    With Brussels I only organised the trip the day before travel and my first choice hotel said they had accessible rooms but didn’t indicate how many so I emailed to ask if they had accessible rooms for that weekend and after more than 12 hours received a reply that didn’t really answer my question…

    Their reply was that they had accessible rooms but they are not accessible because they have a bathtub?!?!? A bathtub wouldn’t be an issue for me because whether at home or in a hotel I find it more convenient to wash at the sink, but they failed to answer the question about availability for that weekend. My second choice hotel I then decided to telephone Accor about room availability, they said they didn’t know that but transferred my call to the front desk at the hotel who confirmed they did have.

    I only have a couple of pictures from Barcelona Zoo, I took my ‘I am a photographer’ Nikon dSLR and found it very inconvenient for travel/blogging photography, before my subsequent trips I bought a pocket sized Sony HX60V (the version with GPS that tags your photos with the location most of the time). This camera can transfer your photos directly to your mobile phone for instant posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. I don’t know how well it works as I am the only person I know (other than my 10 year old nephew) that doesn’t have a mobile phone!

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