A Quick Trip to Kamakura

When most people think of ancient Japanese cities, they rightly think of Kyoto. But did you know there is another ancient capital of Japan right next to Tokyo? 

It is called Kamakura and is only a 1hr train raid from Tokyo!

During the Kamakura Period (1185–1333) when Kamakura was the capital, Japan was invaded (unsuccessfully!) by the Mongols and the country saw the birth of the Samurai warrior class – exciting times!

Starting with a quick visit this past weekend, Accessible Japan will be taking some time this next year to explore this ancient capital where you can see traditional weddings:

And Mount Fuji across the ocean:

While very beautiful, its location in the hills by the ocean make Kamakura more difficult for wheelchair users than the flatter Tokyo and central Kyoto.

Stay tuned! Both here and on our website (www.accessible-japan.com).

If you have any questions about accessible travel in Japan, please be sure to ask us in the Japan Discussion forum:

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  1. Indeed, Kamakura is a great choice for a day-trip from Tokyo. When we visited Tokyo last Summer, we went there, and despite the rainy weather ( and it rained a lot during last Summer 😛 ), we managed to visits three temples and walk down the Komachi-dori. It was worth it, and I hope one day to see also the Fuji-san from there ^_^ .

      1. Yeah, it was a pity, as we also planned to visit Enoshima, but had to return to Tokyo earlier…. but well, next time ^_^
        We started with the Kotokuin Temple and the famous “Kamakura Daibutsu”, then went to Hasedera, and finally to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu .

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