Visit Edo Japan, in under one hour from Tokyo

When you think of ancient or medieval locations in Japan, I’m sure everyone thinks of Kyoto.  Some people who have done their research will maybe think of Nara or Kamakura.

But did you know there is a small station called Kawagoe that will transport you back in time to the Edo Period?  And the best part is that it is only 40 minutes from Shinjuku station in Tokyo!

You can see old warehouse-style buildings:

A wooden clock tower:

And even a wooden Starbucks!

The nearby residence from Kawagoe Castle has a lift (though, it cannot handle power wheelchairs but you can transfer to their manual wheelchair):

The famous Kitain Temple is close as well, but it’s accessibility is a bit questionable…

But, I guess they are trying at least.

Read our full report on Accessible Japan:

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