A wheelchair trike or cycle to Cala Blanca Cove, Javea

Accessible Pathway for a Wheelchair User to Cala Blanca Beach

Are you looking for a wheelchair accessible route to Cala Blanca?  It is a pathway which is easily accessible and has a short flat accessible promenade once you get there. It is nice on holiday to explore these places and sometimes finding a route which is accessible can be a challenge.  The wheelchair accessible route from El Arenal and Cala Blanca beach is relatively flat and has been recently paved so I’m told that its a smooth ride. There is no cycle track here but the road and pavements are generally quiet and an enjoyable ride. It is an accessible path for electric wheelchairs and independent wheelchair users with a trike/cycle attachment.  If you are pushing a wheelchair or pushing yourself along this route then it is also possible but I would not recommend it in the height of summer in Javea.

An Accessible Route in Javea

The first part of the Wheelchair accessible route to Cala Blanca Beach begins at the end of Arenal Beach.  You need to leave the promenade at the end near to the currently closed MasyMas supermarket.   Secondly, go through the carpark and make your way to Avenida De La Libertat.  As you reach the main road, cross over and turn left. In this part of the  there is a small steep hill and this is the most challenging part for an independent wheelchair user.  Once you have reached the top of this hill, the rest of the  accessible route is flat.

The Pathway to Cala Blanca is Wheelchair accessible although not as pretty as the route to the port but the views at Cala Blanca are well worth it.  You ride behind the the properties that are first inline to the rustic beaches. But occasionally there are gaps between the properties and short roads leading down to the sea. These roads could be steep for some wheelchair users but worth a little look.

Feeling Adventurous in your Wheelchair?

For for those able bodied, non-wheelchair users, it is possible to walk across the rocky beach but not possible for wheelchair users. If you are feeling adventurous, the third road to the left leads to a makeshift semi-accessible  pathway.  Someone has tarmacked a narrow path that leads to the sea which are not ideal for a wheelchair but a great secret. If you want to get really close to the sea then go for it!.

Once you have reached the end of the accessible course, you will arrive at Cala Blanca. Should the route be too challenging for some then there is a disabled parking space should you need it.

Cala Blanca, Javea is a must see. A beautiful little cove with boats bobbing in the sea and people swimming and snorkelling or clambering over the rocks to the caves beyond. In reaching the end of the short promenade, the paths ends and as does the accessibility, I’m afraid.

Finally, there is no disabled toilet at Cala Blanca. It doesn’t stop us visiting though and we often cycle/trike down there and spend some time watching the boats and taking it in.  The ride is approximately 2.2km.

Enjoy this route? Check out the accessible route to Javea Port at https://accessiblejavea.com/category/things-to-do/

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