How to Stay in Vacation Mode

Having a hard time relaxing? Try to take the stress out of travel planning. The last thing you want is to not enjoy your trip that you’ve been looking forward to for so long. Take some time to ensure you can have the time of your life and stay in vacation mode.


In today’s world, share everything. From capturing our breakfast to our weekend exploits, it can feel strange to keep your vacation to yourself. To get the most out of your trip, you should try to avoid experiencing everything from behind a screen. Take breaks on social media by logging out of your accounts to avoid overly-checking them. You may consider deleting apps altogether or putting limits on your screentime and sticking to it. This simple tip can take your vacation to the next level.

Get Ahead

If you’re visiting big ticket sites like the Eiffel Tower or Times Square, you are going to be surrounded by other tourists. However, if you are smart about your schedule, you may be able to beat the crowds. Try to aim your visits to these spots early in the day or later in the evening. You should purchase your tickets for any attraction ahead of time to avoid as many lines as possible. If you’re flexible on dates, research when the busiest seasons are and avoid those at all costs.

Let Go

Loosen up the reigns a little, and try not to plan out every second of every day. Of course, if your heart is set on the Statue of Liberty you should do it! Try to narrow down your top items but accept that you can’t do it all. Remember, sometimes unexpected adventures are better than anything in your guide book. Being flexible allows you to not focus too much on expectations and really enjoy your trip.

Catch Some Z’s

It’s difficult to stick to your sleep schedule when you’ve transversed time zones and are amped up on travel adrenaline. An easy fix is to stick to a reasonable vacation bed time. Make sure you’re taking a break and squeezing in a nap if needed. Sleep is important and not getting enough can really hinder your good time. So sleep in, after all on a vacation you’re supposed to be recharging your mind and body, right?

Get a Massage

If you need some extra help to relax, consider a visit to a local spa. Getting a massage is especially helpful after long hours in airports or bus stations. Check with your hotel to see what they offer, or venture out to where the locals get pampered. It’s hard to be stressed out after a luxurious spa treatment.


Sweating away the stress is an easy–and cheap–way to keep your vacation laid back. It may not be at the top of your list of things to do on vacation, but it can make a world of difference. Like Elle Woods says, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy”. If your hotel is not equipped with a gym, try taking a walk, running on the beach, or practicing yoga in your room. 

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