Wheelchair Accessible Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is here and there is so much time for fun. What better way to spend your time than a family vacation? From camping to Disney World to a road-trip through California, here’s a variety of summer vacation ideas that everyone in your family will consider fun.

Visit Colorado Colorful State

This summer, get outside and commune with nature and where better to do that then in Colorado. Colorado’s weather is notoriously mild in the summer with cool nights, so get outside and start exploring. Pikes Peak Region Attractions provide you with many things to do that are easy to access. Making it the perfect place to stay busy in this colorful state.

Take in a concert or spend the day touring around the beautiful Red Rock Amphitheater near Denver, Colorado. Another fun idea is to explore the Rockies with a breathtaking drive through Pikes Peak Highway. Seven Falls near Colorado Springs is so beautiful with its waterfalls and hiking trails that it’s been dubbed “The Grandest Mile of Scenery in Colorado.”

Make Your Dreams Come True at Walt Disney World

Disney world is the ultimate summer vacation location that also provides you with services for guests with mobility disabilities. There are fun things coming to Disney this summer. For example, the park will unveil a new nighttime experience—the Wonderful World of Animation—a one-of-a-kind projection show that lights up the sky with the history of Disney and Pixar animation. Plus, the brand-new land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at the end of August, which includes a new ride where you can literally ride the Millennium Falcon.

If you have older kids, you might want to check out Disney World’s various “after hours” events which are special ticketed events where the park stays open till 1:00 am so you can enjoy attractions with little to no wait times. If you go to Disney World this summer just keep in mind that Florida weathers creep into the mid-90s and tend to be very humid. That being said, because of the hot weather, ticket prices in August and September are the lowest prices all year.

Enrolling the Kida in Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great place for kids to spread their wings and grow as young people. Whether they are communing with nature or getting a taste of independence at sleepaway camp, summer camp is not just a ton of fun, it’s a time for your kids to learn valuable life skills like bravery, resourcefulness, and responsibility. There are plenty of summer camps to choose from too.

There are traditional summer camps where kids hike, and swim, and hang out on the lake. There’s also dance camps, and sports camps, and even coding and STEM camps. Some schools even provide summer camps. You can also enroll your younger kids in day camps if they aren’t quite ready to sleep away from home. Your kids will have a blast and might even make lifelong friendships at summer camp.

Road-Trip Around California

California is a unique state because of the variety of geography and weather. Southern California’s beaches are warm, but mild, and stretch all the way from Malibu in Los Angeles down to San Diego near the Mexico border. Head inland from SoCal and you’ll find Palm Springs, a chic desert getaway with tons of laid-back boutique hotels.

Take a road trip north on the 101 freeway as you drive against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and stop for some surfing in Santa Barbara, commune with the sea lions on the rocky shores of San Simeon, and eventually make your way to the historic bay city of San Francisco. California is also home to many wheelchair accessible places to go—Disneyland, Hollywood, and a variety of museums—which are all located in Orange County in Southern California.

Camping and hiking in Yosemite National Forest in Central California is a must-see and the Sequoia Redwood trees at Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve in Nothern California are a state specialty as these trees only grow in California and Oregon now.

Hangout by a Lake

Nothing says “summer” quite like the lake life. As you take a stroll around the lake, make your time to admire the animals that may be trying to cool down from the summer sun. Make sure you read the sign located around the lake so you know if there are any animals that you should not feed. If feeding the animals is okay, make sure you look into what foods are okay to feed certain animals and what food to avoid.

Always remember to filter any water you drink from the lake and park your campsite a short distance from the lake itself to avoid getting bug bites from mosquitos and other insects that congregate near the water. Sunscreen is also very important to keep close by.

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