New Group Notifications

Good information isn’t much help if no one tells you about it!  That is why notifications are so important for an online community.

We have made some adjustments to our notification system for groups to help you stay in the loop about the topics you care about on Tabifolk.

When you are visiting one of your groups, you will now notice a bell icon underneath the group’s cover photo.

Bell icon for subscribing/unsubscribing to group notifications

This lets you toggle whether you want to subscribe to or unsubscribe from notifications for the group you are looking at.

If you are subscribed to a group’s notifications, you will be notified when someone creates a new activity post, or starts a new discussion. (Note: this is unrelated to notifications for a specific topic you are already subscribed to, like a discussion you started.)

Having group subscriptions enabled will help you get the latest information that is shared, or quickly help out a fellow traveller with a new question.

You have control

You may not want notifications from every group, or at all.  

You can still be an active member of groups without needing to subscribe.  For any group you want to be a member of, but not receive notifications for, simply unsubscribe from the notifications.  You will still be able to interact with other users in the group as you did before.

Since this can be done on a per-group basis, you can get notifications for some groups and turn them off for other groups.

You can also adjust how you receive notifications.

In the Notification Settings of your Account Options, you can set your global settings for how you receive notifications for groups in general.  

Select how group notifications are delivered

Note that this will effect all groups, so for example turning off email notifications for new discussions will mean you will no longer get new post notification emails even from groups you are subscribed to.  We suggest changing notifications on a per-group basis.

In the subscriptions page of notification preferences, you can see which groups you are subscribed to and easily unsubscribe.

Quickly unsubscribe from multiple groups

We hope that the new subscription options will help you stay connect in a way that works for you.

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