Ice on the wings

Ice on the wing

Causes a three hour layover in Phoenix

The tears in my eyes on pour mode

Pour me

I sit steeling myself with the second over-priced beer

I’m convinced my old tormentor will punish me for keeping up later than we planned.

He also booked a student the same day I was promised a ride to see


Now, it will no longer be at her house, if ever again.

Ice on the wing

In the wings Ice works tirelessly to keep families together

they also fail to meet the timeline

to offer the promise of citizenship

Something tormentor’s family has obtained but not actualized

They have their papers alrighty,

right alongside my 15 years of housing applications shredded.

Now that I’m finally free, staying together with my family, means,

ICE in the wings.

~Cynthia Trullinger

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