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The sun rises on the horizon of a beautiful landscape, sips..sips coffee and breakfast before setting foot to a customized safari vehicle, sounds of chirping birds escorts the driver guide out of the parking lot. Rocky, rough roads that awakes the dusty savanna roads whirls as you drive by large herds of buffalos, zebras and impalas grazing on the plains followed by ‘Ka-chick’ camera sounds. The road leads to a waterhole and here are a herd of elephants quenching before starting their daily routine of browsing and guarding their tiny little calves…a brief natural history explained by the driver guide and within minutes he spots a pride of lions lazing around grooming each other…males known as the king of the jungle stares at the vehicle with glittering predators eyes…more camera ka-chick clicks. Off the plains, giraffes on the sight and a mixed of herbivores…the drive leads through a wetland section and river horse grunts and groans could be heard as their upper body floating on the water body. The scotching sun hits the savannah and most wildlife start to disappear under the shade of trees…the driver guides ends the tour and drives back to the camp..welcomed back by smiles from camp staff with a glass of juice to cool off…. a safari that’s worth.


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