Japan Paralympics 2021

Hi from UK !  I am new to this website, and I have extensive knowledge and experience of world travel that I am happy to help with. On viewing an article recently on Japan’s NHK channel by a user here, I am also keen to hear from anyone having an interest in visiting that country, with my main purpose being to see the Paralympics in 2021. Help regarding plane travel from the UK, and  accommodation and general disability access in and around the various venues, would be appreciated. I would also like to take advantage of time spent to visit other areas of the country time permitting. 


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    1. Hi! I sent you a message in TabiFolk. If you reply to that via the reply button in your email it unfortunately won’t be delivered by email. You need to reply on the website. (This is for privacy on TabiFolk. If you prefer email, I’ll send you my email in a private message.)

      1. Hi Josh,
        I was wondering if my email was going to another location. If its ok with you I would like to converse through personal email as well, because some of the other things you mentioned in that program resonated with me. Mine is [email protected] in case it did not show up elsewhere.

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