Places to see in Sydney: Hyde Park

  • Places to see in Sydney: Hyde Park

    Posted by schroth-sensei on October 19, 2019 at 8:24 am

    Hyde Park | Website:

    Address: Elizabeth St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

    Hyde Park, a bit of cultivated nature surrounded by the urban life of Downtown Sydney. While construction has occurred in, around, and even under the park since its conception, generally the design of Hyde Park resembles its original 1926 designs. Besides plenty of places to sit and relax in the shade (or have a picnic), the park houses several monuments including, commemorating contributions in World War I, memorials to past kings, to the service of Aboriginals, a fountain depicting Greek mythology, and more. In the past the park was equally used for various sports (cricket, horse races, hurling, rugby, and more) and for military practice drills as well. Giving this little bit of treasured green quite an interesting tie to Sydney’s history. Additionally, the park is a hotspot for colonies of mega-bats called Grey-headed flying foxes (there average wingspan is over 1-meter/3-feet long). These fruit-eating bats are harmless to humans, though many locals have found them such a nuisance that there have been several failed attempts to relocate them. Those that find them an interesting sight, dusk is a good time to watch them being active, and so for those wanting to avoid them may want to leave before this time. Most will find something to experience at Hyde Park, and because it’s a park it can make for a rather inexpensive day trip.

    • Accessibility: Park entry at Elizabeth Street has an easily accessible ramp. The park is mostly flat and has accessible pathways throughout. The Anzac Memorial has a side door access with lift to bypass the stairs.
    • Facilities: An accessible bathroom is available at the park (note: it is coin operated, 50-cents to open).
    • Service Dogs: The park is dog friendly.


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