Reply To: Brussels, Belgium

  • duxinco

    February 5, 2020 at 2:20 am


    Thank you for your thorough albeit discouraging post. My partner (and my kids’ father) l-o-v-e-s Belgium and really wants us to go (although it is a big trip for us coming from the western USA). I’ve told him “fine — you plan it.” He has never, ever planned a trip in his entire life (before we got together he traveled frequently with work, or his friends planned everything). He tries to sneak out of getting his phone online (when in other countries) so he doesn’t even have to help navigate, do on-the-spot research where to eat, etc. So I am pretty sure we will never get to Belgium. Maybe that’s for the best, eh … but I still copied your post to share with him, in case lightning strikes. Ha ha! After our last stressful trip (Puerto Vallarta, MX) I am kinda taking a break from planning any more trips (although we are go London next month and then Greece this summer — already planned + paid for) — my psyche needs the respite.

    Hope your other travels have been and continue to be fun and ACCESSIBLE. 

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