Reply To: Eurostar (to Brussels)

  • weekender

    August 15, 2018 at 12:34 am

    When you go online at Eurostar to book there is a link to click for wheelchair bookings and you make your booking there. Proving you are not travelling to the Netherlands you don’t have to do anything else, ramps are arranged (should be!) for you.

    With the Netherlands you have to contact them to book assistance, it doesn’t make this clear on the booking site but I *think* you only have to contact them if you are coming back from the Netherlands. This is because currently you can travel to Amsterdam and Rotterdam on Eurostar you have to travel back from these cities via a Thalys train to Brussels where you then complete passport formalities.

    When the UK and the Netherlands have signed a deal and put in place passport controls at the two Dutch stations then you will be able to travel directly back from them. This is expected in 2020.

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