Reply To: Accessible UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Asia

  • accessibleindonesia

    March 26, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Indonesia has a number of amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites! Here is another one of them: In Sulawesi, in the very south of the big island, lies the village of Tanah Beru. The knowledge of the people here about boat building has been recognized as a World Heritage in 2018. The inhabitants of Tanah Beru and other villages in the area have been building huge schooners for centuries, using complex patterns they have in mind, not paper. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. If you drive to these places, you will find shipbuilding along the shore, on the beach with the villages just behind. Although power tools are used nowadays, the principle and patterns are still the same, blended with traditional ceremonies for each step to ensure happiness and prosperity for owners and builders. People like to explain what they are doing, and we make sure you get a fresh seafood meal prepared by the villagers. 🙂20170520_171805x20170521_133127xxtana beru pinisq

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