Accessible Transportation in Jakarta

  • Accessible Transportation in Jakarta

    Posted by Leony on June 19, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    Hello Tabifolk,

    I’m going to share some information about accessible transportation in Jakarta. This information is strictly based on my personal experience living in Jakarta/information that I’ve gathered from the internet – Mind you, I rarely go out so probably I’m not the best person to share this information. I hope there’s another fellow from Jakarta that could add more information to this thread *it might be useful for me as well 😀


    1. MRT – Mass Rapid Transit System
      This is the newest public transportation in Jakarta. Every station has an elevator entrance for priority passengers. Most elevator entrances are separated from the common entrance. For instance, if you go to the ‘Bundaran HI MRT Station’ you could easily spot the access stairs to the MRT while the elevator entrance is a bit hidden – you’ll find it next to the Japan Embassy (around 100-200meters from the common stairs entrance).

      When entering the MRT station you could ask for assistance. They will assist you up to the train. Unfortunately, only a small number of MRT stations exist in Jakarta. So you would have very limited choices.

    2. COMMUTER LINE – Commuter Rail System for Greater Jakarta
      This is the type of train that is vastly used by the public. Not only does it connect the city of Jakarta, but it also connects satellite towns such as Bekasi, Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, etc.

      If you plan on going to the nearest station, you must call the commuter line’s accessibility center at least one hour in advance. They will prepare for your arrival at both departure and destination stations. There will be several officers that will help you at the station. They would even assist you to your next transportation.

      But here’s the thing, accessibility differs greatly between stations. Some have elevators and some only have escalators or stairs. Make sure that both stations have elevators. The officers are accustomed to helping people with manual wheelchairs, not electric wheelchairs let alone heavy power wheelchairs.

    3. TRANSJAKARTA – Bus Rapid Transit System
      Jakarta is well known for its traffic and one way to avoid it is to use TransJakarta’s Bus. Since it has its own lane, traffic jams won’t affect it. Unfortunately, most of the bus stops are not accessible.

      But don’t worry they’ve created a Transjakarta Cares service. Basically, it’s a service where you can book a special car for free to pick you up and drive you wherever you want within Jakarta. This car can also use the special lane since it is also part of Transjakarta.

      You can book this service by phone call or Whatsapp text. But you can only make reservations 24 hours in advance. For instance, if you’re planning to go on Sunday, you’ll need to order this service on Saturday between 00.00 – 11.59 p.m. You could book this service for a one-way trip or a round trip. A call or text will be sent to you after 12PM to let you know whether your request could be met.

      You also have to inform them what disability you have. You will be given a car with a ramp if you are using a wheelchair. A regular car will be provided for other types of disabilities, but there will always be one or two officers accompanying you for assistance.

      It’s a great service. I’ve used it several times to go around Jakarta. The problem is there are only a limited number of cars, and the one with the ramp is even fewer. As a result, your booking request might often be declined.

      Honestly, Jakarta does not yet have adequate public transportation. The first best option would be TransJakarta Cares but since getting one is like winning a lottery, your other reliable option would be accessible car rental. There are several service providers that I know (I will update it again if I know more).
      Blue Bird Life Care
      This is one of the biggest taxi providers in Jakarta. They have Blue Bird Life Care service – a taxi with a swivel chair feature. Too bad they haven’t had any taxi service with a ramp. It has a very limited fleet. You can only book this service by phone.
      MotionAid – One Stop Mobility Solution
      It rents a car with hydraulic lifts. Their rates start from IDR 1.000.000 (around $67) per 4 hours or IDR 1.800.000 (around $120) per 12 hours
      Nusability – Accessibility Car Rental in Jakarta
      This one only has a manual car ramp. Its fare starts from IDR 400.000 (Around $27 per 4 Hours) or IDR 900.000 (around $60) per 12 Hours.
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  • tabifolk

    August 6, 2022 at 3:01 pm

    This is a fantastic resource – thank you so much!

    If accessibility was improved, do you think you would go out more?

    • Leony

      August 6, 2022 at 3:50 pm

      Absolutely! It would be like a dream come true if all public transportation were integrated.

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