What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day ?

It was Global Accessibility Awareness Day couple of weeks ago!

Accessibility is different for each one of us.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day tries to increase awareness on the need to make the digital world accessible to all. Do you know how easy it is to understand accessibility?

If you have a visual impairment, that touching video or beautiful photo may not be accessible to you.

If you are deaf, that interesting discussion may not be accessible to you.

Or if you have a cognitive disorder, too many cluttered elements on a web page may cause you extreme distraction.

If the color contrast is insufficient, the content may not be accessible to older people with age-related low vision or color blindness.

A tech savvy person with multiple disabilities has to find a way around many of these and more.

Visit the link below to get to know some fun facts on accessibility.


And let’s make this planet accessible for everyone!

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