A Quick Hello

Hello everyone, I’m Robin from Vancouver BC. I hope you’ll come to enjoy my blog, featuring everything from traveling stories and a few nightmares I’ve faced, to the seemingly random. You’ll hopefully learn about me and I hope to in turn learn about you all and make many new friends here. A little about me: I’m 33, male, straight, born very premature i was disabled with Cerebral Palsy and secondary Dystonia. I’m an aspiring writer/author, figured why limit my writing to just novels and fiction, and I like helping however possible. My first true practical post is currently being fact checked and triple checked for inaccuracies or any problems. I’m something of a perfectionist. My fictional stories are available online at both Fictionpress.com, and Fanfiction.net search my Profile name: MasteroftheForce0121.

Happy Travels!

P.S. I’ll try to include a photograph next time.

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