Ready for the Disability Pride in Italy?? 15th JULY !

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A new edition of the Disability Pride is ready to start on 15th July, along the beautiful streets of Rome!

After US, and UK also Italy is celebrating the Disability Pride, taking to the streets to ask for more rights, and a bigger awarness and knowledge about disabilities. If you are in town, you can’t definitely miss this important appointment! Visit the official website of the pride to discover all the planned events and the itinerary of the march:

And since you are in town, why not to discover our accessible services in Rome and all around Italy?

Italy is an ancient and old country, and unfortunately is not always able to guarantee the right infrastructure and facilities to disabled travellers.

Rome and Italy is the only italian Tour Operator specialized in Accessible tourism in Italy. Our team is testing and certifying since 2007, the best hotels, activities and experiences around Italy, to always guaranteeing a 100% accessibility. Also, we are able to provide you special services for cruisers sailing along Mediterranean Sea, rent medical and technical equipment, and provide you dedicated assistance on arrival, departure, and during all your italian holidays!!

Discover more visiting the dedicated page on our website:

and contact us to have more information at: [email protected]

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