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Accessible Italy? Yes we can!

Italy is famous to be an ancient and rich country, full of history and masterpieces of art.

But have you ever wondered how difficult is rolling on cobblestones dated back to 13th century?

Or be sure that this amazing room in an old Renaissance Palace is 100% accessibile?

Well, don’t worry anymore! we have all the answers you need!

Rome and Italy is an italian tour operator and DMC specialized in services dedicated to people with any kind of special needs. We offer a wide range of incoming services throughout the whole italian territory: transfers by minivan with lift to and from the main airports, ports and train stations with dedicated assistance in time of arrival, departure and during the whole duration of your italian holidays.

100% accessibile accomodation in Hotels, Villas and Resorts, in all the main locations in Italy, with always a special attention to details, style and position, in order to provide you the best location possible. Take in mind that every Property has been certified and tested by our trained and demanding Staff, and we guarantee, we will do our best in order to offer you only suitable places according to your needs and your budget.

If your dreaming destination holiday is Italy, and you are already thinking that would be great to eat an original italian ice cream seated in the beautiful frame of Rome this summer.. well, you are just a step closer to the finish line!

Are you wondering how to carry your heavy wheelchair overseas without renouncing to the new cloche you bought thinking about next holidays in Italy? We can provide you medical & tecnical equipment with delivery in hotel or wherever you need, together with best trained and prepared Staff assistance.

Last and best part of planning a trip are definitely setting down the experiences you would love to live once you are in Italy. .. and be sure that our country is able to satisfy all your requests!

From an accessible beach on Italian Riviera, up to a romantic Gondola ride in Venice, through Wine and Food tastings in the most famous cellars in the beautiful Tuscany landscapes. Adding a cooking class to learn how to prepare the real Pizza and finishing with a private visit in the breathtaking Vatican Museum, these are just some examples of the hundreds of chance you will have to live a real italian experience!

But yes, we have to be honest with you, and inform you that not all the places in Italy will be accessibile for wheelchair users, and probably you will have to wait outside while your family is visiting the Roman Forum in Rome, or the archeological site of Pompeii, close to Naples.

Can you believe it? Of course not!

We found out a solution to make this unpleasant moments not happen again! We can rent you a special medical one-wheel chair, supported and carried by our trained Staff, that will make accessible also sites that are usually not accessibile at all. You are not going to lose any happy memory during your italian holidays, and you will totally enjoy with no stress and no worries, your next vacations!

Visi tour website for more detailed informations at: www.romeanditalygroup.com

Or contact us by email at [email protected] to start planning your next trip to Italy!

Lots of fun, high standard quality, professionalism, and an exhaustive knowledge of our territory and products, are always included in the package!

Are you ready now to pack your bags and fly to Italy?

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